Cowboys dressed for work and protection against the elements of nature.  Wouldn’t the cowboys from the early 1800’s be shocked to know that their western wear would be playing a major role in modern day fashion trends?

Country Western Cowboy Adult Plus OutfitLet’s Take a Look at the Different Styles and Variations of Country Western Costumes. It is easy to find an outfit that is perfect for our next Western Party or Halloween Costume.

Country Western Outfits are all about comfort. With the many styles and designs available today, finding one that suits you should be no problem at all.

The western style of dress can be found in every walk of life.  This style is popular at Western Theme Parties, dress up as your favorite Western Movie character or for Halloween costumes.

People don’t have to live on a ranch or in the country to dress in a country western style.  It is not unusual to see a businessman in a suit wearing a cowboy hat or western cowboy boots.

Country Western Cowgirl Sexy Adult CostumeCountry western themed parties are a fun gathering where adults, both men and women and kids alike can dress up like their favorite old west character.

Here are some of my favorite Country Western costumes that would be a hit at a western themed party.

Typically most country western outfits grew out of practical needs and the environment of the working cowboy.  Commonly called western wear, the basic attire included a cowboy hat, bandanna, cowboy boots, chaps, gloves and jeans.

Country Western Cowgirl CostumeSexy Cowgirl Costumes

Cowboys love to see Cowgirls in sexy outfits.  Western Costumes for the ladies are either tight pants and sexy tops or Saloon Dance Hall costumes.

The Cowboy hat had a high crown and wide brim which offered protection from the sun and weather.

The famous Stetson were hats developed by John B Stetson which was designed in response to the climate conditions of the West.

Cowboy boots with its high top were originally designed to protect the foot and lower leg.

The pointed toes and high heels were designed to place the foot into the saddle stirrup and help keep the foot from slipping through the stirrup. The groove between the heel and back of the boot helped keep the Spurs in place.

Western Cowboy Texas Duster Adult CoatWestern Costumes for Men

Western Costumes for men can be the slick Gambler, the Bounty Hunter, the Sheriff, the Gunslinger, the Bartender or the Working Cowboy.

Cowboy Costumes are easily created by taking a pair of blue jeans and a western shirt then add

  • Cowboy hat,
  • Cowboy boots,
  • A duster coat,
  • Mustache,
  • Bandanna,
  • Chaps and
  • A big belt buckle.

Wild West Toddler Child CostumeChild Cowboys and Cowgirls

Kids love to dress up country western style and play cowboy and cowgirl.

The little Wild West Cutie Western Costume pictured on the left is perfect for Daddy’s little cowgirl who loves the color pink and has an adorable sense of style!

This little Wild West cowgirl will be a hit at her next western party, square dance or Halloween.

This outfit is available in toddler and child sizes.  Just add a pair of Pink Cowgirl boots and she will be ready to go.

Country Western Child Cowboy OutfitChild Cowboy Outfit

Pin a Sheriff’s Star to this little Cowboys Vest and he can ride over your next Western Theme party or Halloween.  He is the fastest, youngest draw in town and can keep the peace in your neighborhood.

This child size Western Cowboy outfit includes a long brown duster style coat, the tan button down vest, a cowboy belt with bullets and a classic red bandanna and a cocky brown cowboy hat to complete this Wild West Cowboy look.

Cowboy Western Wear

Chaps were made of heavy material, usually suede.  They were used to protect the riders legs when going through heavy brush.

Jeans were close-fitting pants made of canvas or denim.  These sturdy pants were designed to protect the legs and help prevent the rider from snagging on brush.

Gloves were essential to protecting the hands when handling barbed wire, tools, working on the ranch or riding.

Bandanna or neckerchief protected the face from dust, sun or hiding your identity if you are on the other side of the law.  It was also used to wipe sweat from your brow or dirt from your hands.

Duster is a long, loose fitting coat that goes over the clothes.  It would help protect against rain, snow, and dust.  The rear of the coat has a long split from the butt to the ground so it would not bunch up when riding a horse.

Lariat, spurs, rifles and gun belts were some of the tools of the trade.  Now all you need is a horse, saddle and tack to complete your look.

A Tribute to the Cowboy